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Shirley E. Shepard, BS, MA, JD, LLM

I  am a legal professional with over 34 years’ worth of experience and education. I obtained an Masters of Law in Small Business Practices from Concord Law School; a Masters in Organizational Consulting from Phillip’s Graduate Institute; a Juris Doctor from the University of West Los Angeles; and a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice from California State University, Los Angeles, as well as other law practice management certificates from other prestigious schools.  In 2016, created Legally In Order, Law Practice Management Consultants, not guide, support, and mentor, new law graduates going solo.

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About Legally In Order
Law Practice Management Consultants

starting your law practice off on the right foot is absolutely essential to it’s long-term success. Don’t leave your future up to fate. Instead, start your law firm off on a firm and stable footing by contacting us at Legally In Order, Law Practice Consultants for assistance.

Here at Legally In Order, Law Practice Consultants we understand that your long-term success means we’ve done our job well, so bringing your law practice into balance using the 3 P’s is our goal. Through practice, procedure and profit, the new style of practicing law is essential to the future success of your firm and our hard-working consultants. Let us at Legally In Order, Law Practice Management Consultants get your newly formed law firm set up and ready for success while you put your focus into assuring your firm is ready to start providing services as soon as possible.

Providing you with the best in experienced Law Practice Management Consultants to work with, we’ll help you pick and promote your niche with effective results, become proficient in case management, accounting software and bookkeeping/accounting, as well as help you plan for your future prosperity and how to achieve an effective life/work balance you can live with; we’ll make sure your law firm is working just the way it should from the very first day.

Our consultants are ready to help you do anything from choose which law practice management style is going to be effective, efficient and economically viable for you and your firm to pointing out the potential advantages and disadvantages of social media; the possibilities go on and on.

Trusting the future of your law practice to just anyone is a risk you don’t have to take. Rather than put your brand-new firm in that position, just contact us at Legally In Order Law Practice Consultants and know that your practice has been placed into safe hands to get it up and off the ground.



1) Pick a Niche 2) Promote Niche 3) Produce Effective Results


1) Proficient Case Management Software 2) Precise Practices & Procedures 3) Perfect Accounting


1) Prosperity/Growth 2) Provide for Lifestyle 2) Participation Life / Balance



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